After 1189, when William the Lion bought the independence of Scotland for a sum of 10,000 gold marks, there was peace with England for over a hundred years. In 1286 Alexander III died after a fall from his horse. Банкомат онлайн sons had died before him, and the heir to the kingdom was a baby girl, Margaret, daughter of the king of Norway and Alexander’s granddaughter. Scotland was left again without a strong head to wear the crown, at a time, unfortunately for the Scots, when the English crown was resting on a very strong head indeed, that of Edward I.

Edward suggested that the ‘Maid of Norway’ should marry his son. He sent a ship, with boxes of sweets, to fetch her, but she died on the way from Norway. Several nobles had claims of a kind, and the strongest candidates were Robert Bruce and John Balliol. Edward hastened to Scotland, declaring that he would help to judge who had the better claim. Scottish nobles selected Balliol, Edward’s choice. It was obvious that Edward’s real aim was to gain control of Scotland himself.

His chief reason for preferring Balliol to Bruce was that he believed Balliol would do what he was told. He knew both men, for both had fought with him in France and both held lands in England, which made them Edward’s vassals. Давайте поговорим о том, что же собой представляет услуга? Как рассказывает официальный сайт, это онлайн сервис, предназначенный для осуществления различного вида денежных переводов, позволяющий так же управлять и мониторить все свои сбережения не покидая своей квартиры, через интернет. Что можно сделать с помощью сервиса? Вы можете сделать быстрый перевод между своими открытыми счетами, вкладами и карточками. Сделать оплату кредитного счета в любой банк РФ.