Developed by Think Up Themes Ltd. This article needs additional citations for verification. While the largest lottery prizes in the early history of U. All prizes listed below are jackpot as the pre-withholdings amount, as this is taxable income the player must report on their returns to be subject to taxation.

For various reasons, an annuitized jackpot can have a higher cash value than a larger annuity with a lower cash value. Mega Millions’ annuity structure somewhat more «inflated». Highest jackpot and cash value for a single ticket. The Big Game became The Big Game Mega Millions and then Mega Millions in 2002.

European Eurojackpot, won on 15 May 2015 in Czech Republic. Germany’s Lotto 6 aus 49, won in December 2007 by three tickets. German Lotto 6 aus 49, won on 7 October 2006. United Kingdom’s Lotto, won on 9 January 2016 by two tickets.

Switzerland’s Swiss Lotto, won on 23 August 2014. UK Lotto game in April 2016. This 7 billion HUF worth grand prize beat a 5 billion record set up in 2003. Sweden’s Lotto of Svenska Spel, won on 27 March 2010. Ireland’s Lotto, won on 28 June 2008 by a group of sixteen colleagues at a quarry and concrete plant in County Carlow. Finland’s Lotto of Veikkaus, won in October 2012 by one ticket. Nationale Loterij, won in December 2013 by one ticket.

Russia’s Gosloto 6 to 45, won in February 2016 by one 1800-roubles ticket. This is the largest jackpot in Russia. Archived from the original on 2012-08-25. Gold strike for quarry team — National News, Frontpage — Independent.